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Every change requires communication



More visibility?
A company presentation?
Introduce your new employees?
A new product to sell?
New offices?
A customer testimonial?
An event to capture?
A tutorial?
Rejuvenate your company's image?

Also known as " corporate film ", " corporate video " or " presentation video ", corporate video is an essential tool for professional communication.
It allows you to humanize your business and showcase your offices and employees.

But that's not all. A corporate video also helps you to recruit more effectively. It can be added to a recruitment video(34% more applications thanks to video advertisements*), and enables future candidates to apply to your company.

We'll create your customized video, based on your values and charter.

*source: careerbuilder

The testimonial video, the " case study ", enables you to choose one or more ambassadors for your brand.
We'll help you write the script, so you get an authentic testimonial to support your product/service communication.

With a team of technicians deployed throughout France, we can visit your customers at no extra cost.

We offer every possible type of recording, two examples here:

Live event/ Live stream, at home or in the studio.
We partner with numerous filming studios throughout France.
BKF Prod takes care of everything.
For your webinars, remote events, round tables, conferences...

Theaftermovie: Whatever the event, we offer different formats (square, vertical, horizontal, short, very short, long, very long...). This video is a major asset to your company's communication. In addition to being used internally, it helps you promote your employer brand and encourage recruitment.

Anything is possible with motion design.
Flat design, collage, characters, 2D, integration of archives, computer graphics, custom design creations, hand drawing... anything is possible.

In general, there are 4 people involved in a motion design project: scriptwriter, graphic designer, voice-over actor and animator.
At BKF Prod, we only work with one person. Practical, isn't it?

Yet another world of maximum options.

With BKF Prod, it's possible to create 3D elements from an idea, or from a data sheet for products still in production.

It's also a solution for enhancing the beauty of luxury & complex products, thanks to the texture work and realistic video techniques of our studios.

Aesthetic, modular, explanatory = an opportunity to immerse your viewers in the product.

We've been doing something for the planet since creation!

Since January 2019, our structure has enabled us to reduce the carbon impact of our shoots.

No transport!
Teams deployed throughout France and partly in Europe.
Don'tpay travel expenses, we provide local operators.

We reduce emailing and downloading.
Thanks to our collaborative platform, you won't need to download anymore.
- of emails, no more 3+ person loops.
You'll have access to your video via a link to share, so you can view and comment on it.
Everything goes through the platform, right up to final delivery.


Our dynamic teams can easily work with new digital media.


We take care of all the technical and logistical aspects of your shoots


Choose your graphic style from our range of designers. 


We're available 24/7, wherever you are! Contact us now!

BKF Prod takes care of everything!

Brief, script, shoot, edit, post-production etc.
Our values are based on simplifying creative processes and optimizing shoots.
Don't do all the work, don't pay for nothing.

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