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Who we are

BKF Prod isa B2B audiovisual production agency .
We deliberately choose to work only with companies:

  • Clearer, more professional exchanges

  • Specific needs

  • Our expertise of the business world and its needs

  • Long-term relationships

  • Add a touch of fun, education and popularization to the content.

Broadcaster in an interview


Sarah Zibi


After many years' experience as a human resources manager, Sarah has explored the corporate world in depth, getting to know the needs both internally and in terms of visibility.

This was followed by her experience in a production agency, where Sarah was able to observe the different issues a client faced:

Creativity frustration when teams are in-house

Lack of flexibility, lack of availability, office hours.

Rates that ruin an annual budget

Projects imposed and carried out without interest

All these elements merged to create :

The well-being of a team = the smooth running of a project = customer satisfaction

Why entrust your projects to BKF Prod?

Our agency is nomadic!
We're everywhere, all the time!

You never pay travel expenses in France!

What's more, we offer you access to a collaborative platform to facilitate real-time feedback on your videos:

  • No more e-mails,
  • No more timecode to transcribe,
  • No version to download, everything is online and visible to all your employees via a simple link...

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